Ulocking the regenerative power of waters

Our commitment to sustainability

At Nestlé Waters we are on a journey to unlock the regenerative power of Water for People, Planet and Society. We work to support healthier drinking habits and the sustained health of our planet.

We bring healthy hydration to people on the go, at home, in offices, cafés, restaurants and bars - and in moments of sharing. Our products provide the natural quality of water coupled with the quality guarantee of Nestlé.

We are on a journey to make a positive climate impact, unlocking the regenerative power of Water for People, Planet and Society. We work to protect the purity of nature by taking care of the environment that provides for the purity of water. We are pioneers of good water stewardship. We bring the benefits of water conveniently, in packaging designed for sustainability, fully recyclable and recycled.


Enabling Healthier Drinking Habits

Water is essential for all life and a fundamental part of living a healthy life. Our adult bodies are sixty percent water, and even slight will impact cognitive functions and physical performance.

At Nestlé Waters We work to help people choose healthier drinking habits across generations. We advocate for water as the primary choice of hydration and provide quality water solutions.

Committed to Nature

We are committed to advancing the regeneration of water cycles to help create a positive impact. We are also on a journey to certifying all our bottling sites with the independent Alliance for Water Stewardship standard by 2025. We are committed to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and our aspiration is to lead the transition to the circular economy by increasing the amount of recycled plastic in our bottles

Improving livelihoods

We take care of the communities we operate and focus on inclusive development. We are committed to providing better access to water, sanitation, and hygiene for communities in need and to enhance their livelihoods with our community support projects close to our bottling sites

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